How to make character align with the ramp angle?

As you can see in the screenshot below. the yellow thingy is the character on the orange and grey ramp. but upon climbing the ramp it maintains its horizontal angle (its looking forward in a straight line) instead of looking up the ramp.
is there some checkbox or setting that allows this? make the character take the angle of the surface its walking on like the angle of the ramp.
or does it have to be done throught blueprints manually, by making the ramp an actor blueprint and using overlap events?

Thanks for your TIme!

Maybe a bit late, but just came across this.

Try using LineTraces within the character actor. Cast right down and from the Trace hit result you might use the ImpactVector. From there you would need some math to always match the right angle depending on your rotation on the ramp. As long as the surface now is affected by the Trace, you will align correctly whereever you move to.

Keep in mind that small bumps in the floor will affect you now as well and it can get ugly when moving across.