How to make Chaos debris collides to the environment?

So, I’m trying out the new Chaos destruction system in 4.23. But when I’m testing it out, it seems like Chaos destructibles just ignoring any collisions provided by it’s surrounding, and seemingly only wants to collide to an artificial plane located at Z=0.0 Not even assigning Chaos solver solves this problem.

You can check the ChaosDestructionDemo project provided by epic and it’s downloadable from the Launcher.
In the map ChaosExamples_01Geometry there is this text:

The current implementation to allow
collisions between Geometry
Collections and Static Meshes is by
the addition of a Static Mesh
Simulation Component.

So you basically need to add StaticMeshSimulation component to your environment StaticMeshes so they can be used by Chaos solver for collisions.