How to make changeable characters.

Hello i’m designing a endless runner game does anyone know how to make changeable characters that you unlock with coins and stuff? I just need a point in the right direction or a tutorial if possible.
Thanks Yar

It should be relativly simple.
I would store a list of character types and the cost(coints) to unlock in the game instance/mode.
Then I would use UMG to display a gridbox of them and the associated cost.

Epic has released a “Blueprint Multiplayer” tutorial series that overlaps somewhat with what you want.
I suggest using watching the following ones from that series to use as a basis for what you want:

  • For the game instance stuff: 3 – Blueprint Multiplayer Game Instance
  • For character type and cost: 4 – Blueprint Multiplayer Player Info
  • For UMG: 20 – Blueprint Multiplayer Character Select Design & 21 – Blueprint Multiplayer Character Select Graph

Does that help?

Thanks that helped a lot :slight_smile: