How to make cartoony meshes for characters in my game

So im new to the unreal 4 engine and i would like to know how to make a cartoony meshes for my characters in the game i would eventually like to make.

i also have a comparison of what i would like it to look like! which if you are wondering it is the moba smite which is made from the unreal engine as well so i was wondering what was the most likly way they make all their meshes and skins for their gods in their game. link to smites main page.

if you want to find gameplay just go to youtube there is alot there.

if you want to learn to make cartoony stuff just go to google there is alot there

in all seriousness though it doesnt look like they’re doing anything interesting. Just some exaggerated features and texturing.
If anything, I’d suggest having a look at some tabletop painting tutorials, they probably have better info on this art style than anything.

ok then thanks i appreciate it! i just really like the art style that they have in their game.