how to make camera child objects move with camera shake

im working on a first person shooter. I have a plane as a child object to my camera that acts as blood that the player sees when they take damage. It works out really well, but it seems to stay in place whenever a camera shake event happens. Is there any way make the plane move with the camera shake too?

im pretty sure that the answer is…no

It’s totally possible actually. I had the same exact issue. In order to fix this you need to understand what is happening behind the “scene”. Thinking that the camera you made is the camera from which Unreal renders from is a wrong assumption. In fact when you set the view target all it does is matching the render camera to the one provided. Sadly the CameraShake BP is applying the transforms on the render camera, not the one you created. For that reason everything you have attached to your camera will simply not follow the view when shaking. What you need to do instead is dynamically spawn your “blood” object and attach it to the render camera as demonstrated in the following screenshot.