How to make Blueprint Repeat?

Hey All, I have a simple input blueprint where I can right mouse click and a laser (static mesh) will shoot out of my spacecraft. I have the blueprint all set up and almost working. Currently, the blueprint only allows me to shoot once . After that it will not shoot again. How can I trigger a reset so that when I right click the laser will shoot again?


You need to reset the DoOnce :wink:

Ah! I tried that but couldn’t figure out how. Do you have any ideas? :slight_smile:

This resets the timeline but doesn’t respawn the projectile for some reason. The timeline is a vector timeline that moves the projectiles in the “y” direction. When the timeline resets I would assume the projectile is supposed to move back to its original position but isn’t for some reason.

I use timers and events.

So you are using your character BP to trigger the firing of the weapon and then a separate SK_Weapon BP to set up the firing event? Is your SK weapon a skeletal mesh or static mesh? Or is the weapon an actor?

If my spacecraft is considered the “weapon” how do I attach it to my character BP? Or are they two separate objects/actors placed in the scene?


You connected both timelines to the reset. Just the second one…

SK_weapon is an Actor class that has a skeletal mesh component. All weapon based logic and vars are in the SK_Weapon parent class.

Character/Controller inputs (fire, toggle etc) execute events in the currently “equipped” weapon class.

These weapons are spawned in scene and attached to the character. A reference var is set for each weapon slot. Primary, secondary etc. On equip I set “Current wep Obj” var to the equipped reference. On unequip I nullify the var.

You can use the event driven logic (single, burst, auto) without doing any of the other stuff.