How to make blueprint component with SphereComponent for collision?

Hi, I’d like a blueprint component that has a collision sphere. I’m trying to add Half-Life Alyx “Telekenetic Pull” features to the VR Template’s GrabComponent. So the player can:

  1. Controller points to an actor with GrabComponent ← need collision sphere
  2. GrabComponent highlights the actor
  3. Controller can “connect” with a button
  4. Controller can pull by flicking the controller
    I’m using 5.2.1

My first attempt was to add this to the GrabComponent blueprint, but it’s a SceneComponent.

Tried to reparent to a SphereComponent but it’s not listed as possible parent.

Tried making my own GrabSphereComponent by subclassing SphereComponent in C++ and tried reparenting GrabComponent blueprint to that, but not listed.

Tried making a new component blueprint with SphereComponent as parent and it’s not listed.

Is there a better option than subclassing? Can I add a component to a component?

Do all colliding components have to happen in C++?

It would be nice to have Grab and Pull on the same blueprint component, but the only way I see to do Pull is in C++…

It feels like I’m missing something.

You can add a sphere component to the owner and bind what you need to make it work as if it was added to it:

You can add functionality to any actor with components.