How to Make Battlegrid forTabletop RPGs? (Newbie)

Hello there everyone! Let me first say, that this will be my first project that I’ve done in terms of game development. I came to UDK via a blog post about how to make a battlemap for the tabletop RPG D&D using UDK. I’m doing this as my first project to make a tabletop rpg battlemat. I looked at the article, and I found that it was out of date. I “think” they used UDK 3. The one I downloaded was UDK 4.


I’m new to UDK and just game development in general. Therefore, this is all gibberish to me. I was wondering, if someone could tutor me with this project?

That should be pretty easy to create -> actually it’s just a top down camera + a map with 3d meshes (you can also do that in 2d) + a grid that is displayed as a HUD (take a look at UMG) + some basic blueprint functionality :slight_smile:

I have no clue what I’m doing. lol