How to Make Arcade Car Physics?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to make a car physics algorithm like NFS Most Wanted 2005? I don’t want any code samples or screenshots. I just wonder how to make it.

I tried to make my own car physics but it didn’t go as I wanted. I came across some problems.
Here’s the problems:

  • I made a suspension component (scene component) and used a line trace to apply a suspension force onto the car body from the component location (AddForceAtLocation). The result wasn’t like I wanted. The car was bouncy and when I tried to go uphill, the suspension worked as if the suspension is soft (no stiffness).
  • When the car goes uphill or jumps from somewhere, the car’s collision hits the ground and that collision slows down the car too much (almost stops the car). In other games, the car continues its movement.
  • The car can get stuck so easily when moving on rough terrain.

How can I make a smooth car physics? What’s the logic behind it? I am not looking for realistic car physics.
This is the shortest video I could find in order to demonstrate the physics I want. As it can be seen from the video, the car looks like sticks on the ground and the roads’ shapes don’t affect the car. (The car doesn’t hit the ground while going uphill or downhill and that doesn’t slows the car down.)