How to make animation play when projectile hits it.

I am trying to build a game FX reel and need some basic BP information.

I have a vehicle that I animated to break apart in Maya. I exported it as a FBX and now I would like to know how to make the animation play when the projectile hits it. Also and probably related, how to make the particle effect to be triggered once the projectile hits it.

Any pointers, or links to similar Bp would be much appreciated.

I dont have unreal engine with me right now, but I believe if you were to create a new BP, take the animated object in the BP and on event begin play you call the animation to stop.
Then have a collision box around it and on event begin overlap, cast to your bullet/ball and if it’s true, then play the animation of your object.
That should do it.

I have made a level sequence, it has the skeletal mesh and an associated animation in it (BTW Level Sequence is like the old matinee sequence). I then made a BluePrint of the skeletal mesh and added a “On Component Hit” to the BP then a “Cast_to_the_FirstPersonProjectile”. Then added a “Create Level Sequence Player” and sourced the Level Sequence. Then added a Play function to the end. Well it doesnt work? Im really new at all this, I am reading docs and am stuck on this one.

If you just want an animation to play , you dont need need level sequence player(though in theory it could be used) as that mainly used for cinematics

What it seems like you want:

-Place a collision on vehicle(most like a box collision)
-from that collsion you can use a “Begin Overlap” node and from that pin, call a play animation node
-Choose your desire animation

that a simple break down and one of the way to achieve what your looking for…Hope that helps

Thank you for your replies.
I ended up using the matinee tool to combine the skeletal mesh and its animation. Then in the level blueprint I added a OnActorHit, Play MatineeActor. This is pretty much what I need, thought I am sure I will find out what its limitation are soon.