How to make an teleportal with a trigger sound when you enter the portal?


I’ve created particle effect that looks like a teleport and have no Idea creating a area in the particles to teleport me in another room, Also i’ve added a teleport Sound in the content so would love to learn how to trigger that sound when the actor enters the teleportal.

Still New to UE4 still getting hang of the basics. I’ve got a meeting Soon at a university that i’d have to bring some work for Game Design (recently took interest) so making a quick game.

Any advice would help a lot!


I just did this for my project a couple of days ago.

Your trick here is a Blueprint that contains your mesh, sound, and particle effect. Wrap it in a trigger and you are good to go. Spice it up with a little bit of Blueprints and viola.

Unfortunately I am not in front of my dev machine right now to show you my blueprints.


Kitatus Studios has made one already for you … [Free Stuff!] Kitatus Studios’ Free Stuff Bonanza!](!-Kitatus-Studios-Free-Stuff-Bonanza!&p=148494&viewfull=1#post148494) … should be easy to modify. 8-}

Many Thanks But would you be able to change the Object to particles?

I’ve tried to make my own But some reason not working i’ve watched some tutoirals OnActorBeginOverlap seems not be doing anything, i’ve put Event begin play seems like it’s spawning me to the teleport when i press play.

Yes … you don’t need to put a mesh in to the Blueprint … I have a teleporter pad on mine, that is why I said add a mesh.

In the above screenshot, why are you hooking it up to your Event Begin Play?

Oh right. Sorry for noob questions i’m new to all of this. :slight_smile:

And it’s just testing random things, best way to learn by Doing it. No matter if it’s wrong Best way to learn

No problem … EventBeginPlay … This event is triggered for all Actors when the game is started, any Actors spawned after the game is started will have this called immediately.