How to make an interface for interacting with objects?

Of the ways to accomplish this, all are too long for a single response… but if I understand the type of interaction you are trying to accomplish, there is a way to give you the information you need.

Create a Top-Down example game, and look at the Player Controller in it.
You will need to create a custom controller much like it to pass control to when they press E.

To determine what is being pointed to or clicked, and where - you can pull the Hit Under Cursor node as used in the player character. The Hit Actor tells you what is pointed to/clicked.



So if you have an actor “rock” and want to present a description- mousing over it will validate a cast to Rock blueprint type, and the mouse X and Y will tell you where on the screen the mouse is - to show the description.

Hello there!

I am a beginer of UE and Blueprint so I’ll try to be explicit.

I want to interact with objects (in third person view) but not when I look at the object (because I don’t know if it works with third person but also because I want to make it easier) so rather when I look a bit around the object. For exemple, in the game Life Is Strange, when you look aroud the object you can still use the different interactions using the mouse. I want to make something a bit like that but with by pushing E.

I have some ideas :

  • Use the vector of vision, extend it and be able to interact a little distance around it
  • Be able to interact with the object when it’s near the center of the screen
    But I don’t know if these ideas are good, which one use and how to do it.

So if someone can help me, it’ll be great.
Thanks by advance.

I haven’t tried this yet but it might just work. Using a line trace from your player character and trace it until it hits lets say a collision sphere around the object that you want to interact with. When I have time I’ll try it out and see if it works; sounds like something that I might end up needing to program in the future.

that was supposed to be a comment.