How to make an FPS aim down sights system

Hey does anyone know how to make an fps aim down sights system. I have a ads system right now that works. The way it works is every time i add a new weapon into the game i have to make a new animation and i just move the root bone of my player up and across a bit until it looks like you are aiming. This is really annoying thou because when i am moving the root bone i just trial and error it until the cross hairs line up. This takes a while and its hard to get perfect. Is there a better way of doing this?

One option is to make an animation that brings the weapon up to the aiming position. You can set it up that when the aiming button is pressed, the aiming animation is fired. I recommend checking out the Ironbelly weapons on the Marketplace. They have a variety of weapons and their packs contain commonly used animations for first person shooter. I have purchased the M416 weapon pack - works as intended.

Would you suggest doing this using Timeline? I’m trying to get an ads system for a simple fps I’m working on, and I can’t really seem to find any decent tutorials on youtube or online.

You can create an aiming animation in a 3d modeling program. Then, export that animation and import it into UE4. You’ll have to setup the script to call that animation whenever you press the key to aim down sight.