How to make an executable apk

Hello guys,

I’ve recently fineshed my android project and now I want to pack it and send to some friends for a beta testing.
I’ve already tryed packing for delevopment and for shipping and both ways I get the APK and OBB files separated, so whenver you install the apk it asks for the obb download.

Is there anyway I can get an apk that I can send and anyone can install in their phones?

thx a lot

Hi Eddy Hazard,

Whenever you package for Android during development, you will have the apk. the installer .bat files and the obb files. They will always be separate. (It will only be one downloadable file when you actually publish your game.) During development, to share the package with other members of the team, zip the entire contents of the folder to them. They will have to unzip on a PC and then launch on to an Android device connected to the PC using the Install Windows Batch file.

If you are doing this and still seeing the Missing OBB then there is likely an error with your project. In order to troubleshoot, please try the following:

  1. Make a new Blank Blueprint Third Person Project
  2. Be sure to choose Mobile/Tablet Scalable 3D or 2D No Starter Content
  3. Package for Android to your desktop
  4. Deploy to an Android Device and make sure it works.
  5. Send the contents of this entire test folder to a team member to see if they can successfully Launch/Open the Third Person Project

Please review the following documentation:

Android Game Development