How to make an evil within mirror teleportation blueprint

So if you don’t know, The evil within horror game contains a mirror that when interacted with teleports the player that’s currently in the level into the saferoom level. I’m just wondering as a beginner in unreal how in blueprints this would work out. Literally, I don’t know blueprints at all so if somehow can direct me to the right path I would gladly appreciate it. Also would appreciate a direction towards a simple blueprint explanation cause all explanations seem to not go in my head.

Teleport a player in a saferoom is pretty easy,
you just have to define when this happen and the location of the saferoom.
When: can be a keyboard event , a trigger box, a timer…
Where: the saferoom can be another clean level, OR can be a very special room inside the level that is not accessible from normal “walk”.
For example you can make a room undergraound, or inside a mountain…

So, lets say you use F key to cast a linetrace in front of your character. so using the forward vector of the character.
You check if there is an hit, and if the hitten actor is an “ActorMirror”, if yes,
Set the Character location to whatever is the location of your player.

You can also try to have 2 characters, two perfect twins, in 2 places of the level, and use “possess” and “set view target with blend” to change your game ,
from using and seeing from char 1 ( the one in fron of the mirro) , to char 2 ( the one in the saferoom ) so you dont have do deal with animation or moving at all.

Sounds good thanks for the ideas! Let’s see how it goes.