How to make an enumeration with set values

I’m trying to make an inventory and the way I thought of going about that was to have a structure with all the item data then make an enumeration and create all the items but when I realized that this isn’t python I tried to use another structure with all the items and each item would be based off the ItemData structure, but when I found out that I can’t choose which of the items to use out of the structure I gave up and turned to the forums.

I need to make an enumeration that can hold values like a python enumeration would, and since I doubt u can do that with enumeration in Unreal Engine 4I need an alternative to it.

Mods plz aprrove this

I don’t really understand your point for the enum, but for storing all the information about all the item in your game you can use data table. And then use the same data table in game for any other purpose