How to make an Drivable Boat

Hey!, Well i need help to Create an Driveable Boat,i got some Vehicle Turorials, but they are All Car’s with Tires… and a Boat have no Tires, Hope Someone Can explain it to Mee

Also Using the Community Ocean Simulation Project, for my Game.

Thanks in Advance!

Well it depends on how compilcated your system should be.

Let me try to explain the simplest model of a boat. It is just an object with buoyancy. So the water
applies a force to the body depending on how deep the body is immersed in water, basically pushing it upwards.

Find out how deep the body is immersed in water (or find how much of the area of the body is immersed) and calculate the force that pushes the boat upwards.
When you add a motor to this, you basically just need to add a force in it’s forward direction to make it move.

That model is super simple, not taking waves into account.

Well the buoyancy objects are already in the Project so i only need to Edit then. With a Pawn that can a Character Spawn in it and than add a Force? / what would it be with Paddeling?

thanks for your answer! ,Well the buoyancy objects are already on the Community OceaN Project… That means i only need to Edit the Object with a Force and than a Pawn for Spawn the Character in it?

thanks for your Answer!

well paddeling instead of a motor would be pretty much the same. Just add the forward force when the paddles reach water and somebody is rowing. As soon as the paddles leave the water, stop adding the force.

Well when the Paddles reaches the weather for that i can use Overlap Events btw Trigger Volume or? / but what would be with Windsails? The force would be. The Wind Object in the Scene or?


Well, forces on sails are rather complicated, but can easily fake it by just taking the wind vector and mulitplying it with an arbitrary “SailForceMultiplier” and then add this force to the boat.

Not sure how much you want to simulate though, you can go pretty deep into this and simulate in what angle the wind hits the sail, add a force on the sail location to tilt the boat and stuff like that.

Well… as i said the buoyancy Objects are already there… but How im gonna Do that Now?

DO a Action Input for Posses to Boat, there are With a Force straigth ahead (Simple for Now)
and an Event for Spawn the Character when Leav it or?