How to make an cutscene trigger

hello everyone i would like to ask how to set up a trigger that when the player step on it ,it plays an cutscene while the character can still move freely
any answer given is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hope this helps bro

Here is the text version to answer your question:

  1. Create a trigger, using any kind of trigger you prefer, and place it in the area of your level where you want the player to interact / overlap with it.
  2. Create a new matinee event, place it in your level, and create the animation for your animation / cutscene within that matinee event. You didn’t say what kind of animation you wanted to do, but if its a cutscene, I won’t explain how to create a camera cutscene in matinee here. You’ll find lots of tutorials on how to do that online (YouTube).
  3. Open your level blueprint and create an overlap event with your trigger. You can then play your animation by connecting your play function, with the target as the matinee actor, to the overlap event. Make sure to create a reference to your matinee actor in your level blueprint and connect it to your play function/node.

I hope this helps you a bit / points you in the right direction. If you need more help, you’ll find lots of visual tutorials on YouTube.

first of all, thanks guys but i wanted to play a cutscene (or animation etc im not sure what it called) when the character triggered the trigger like the layer of fear game but thanks anyways i learn something :wink:

Sorry bro :frowning: no clear can U give a video link for our reference .

ok I’ll find something for ya . well let me give U an example Titanium Sia

disable gravity for the objects . You’ll figure out the option…present then add impulses at pts… U want . Now , if it is a room no probs . but in open space or a limited restriction U can add blocking volumes…

U can use matinee too. set the objects to float in specific paths.

sorry but i cant find a video that says it all.basically it just like a horror game when you open a door you see all sorts of item floating in front of you but in the same time you can move freely, then the items disappeared after a short time

yeah something like that :smiley:

Gave U an answer try it :slight_smile:

works well thks a lot:)