How to Make an Array from every valid connected pin at a Select Node?

  1. How can I populate an Array (add indexes) for each valid and unique PIN (object) that is connected to a Select node? (to make a matching pair)
  2. Or what is an alt Node method (that displays Enum options / has named Enum pins) - so that names match? Ty :slight_smile:
  • Meaning I want to use a Select node (because it spells out the names) so Users know where to manually connect their SK meshes - which I want them to match to [the named Enum categories] connected to the Select node.
    • I want to simplify setup by only requiring the User to connect their [unknown number of] SK meshes once - to the Select node, after which [my code] sets up other variables to match. This is why I cant use a Make array node & Loop, before the Cases node:

    • I tried the code below, but it does not work to make an array of all [attached pins] because the Select Enum can only be set to 1 item/index at a time - so it stops at only 1 item.
    • How can I loop this logic to cycle through every Enum element in the Enum variable (7 indexes)? > and set each as an Array index of the SK mesh variable type?
    • (The code in the gray box is a community plugin, which may or may not be a way to get the solution. But I need one Event to trigger multiple pins, so I can loop > set each Enum for the # of indexes it has > to then use the Select node in a loop > to add to the Array.)

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I found this incomplete code that seems to make a loop by getting length of Enum.

  1. Anyone know how to complete it - what connects to the -1/1 reroute pin?

And what did he mean by making an extra (unused index) in the enum?

Are you sure you’re not simply looking for the tMap:

It allows for association: EnumeratorSkeletal Mesh, for example. Maps and Sets only sport unique keys by default.

How can I loop this logic to cycle through every Enum element in the Enum variable

You can literally loop through any enumerator:

Search for ForEach YourEnumerator

Not gonna lie, not entirely sure what the end goal here is, so my suggestion might be off.

what connects to the -1/1 reroute pin

Index cycling, most likely. You ++ / -- to pull next / previous element from the enumerator - just an int here. That’d be useful if you had something like a weapon select wheel (like GTA) and wanted to cycle through available choices.

I feel like the person did not realise one can loop through enums or add bytes:


But, perhaps, the rest of the script needed integers.

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Yes thanks! That Enum Loop is what I needed :slight_smile: . I couldnt find the correct way to get it w/specific Enum.

  • And yes ty for the PSA, I use Map in my function (which was the other goal).

Does this look correct?


That’s my next goal lol. Can you show a pic of that ++ connection for context?

Looks fine to me.

Either this:

Or something very close to this.

Something older, with integers:

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Thanks for the pic and link.
But the link is 404. This is why I cannot find old tutorials, Epic keeps redeemering their official links.
Do you know where the new link is? (I searched, didn’t find.)

The tut (not really one) was published when the tool was in its infancy, perhaps that’s why it’s acting up. Pic related.

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