How to make an AI go back to its original location?

Hi !

I managed to create an IA witch is following you into it’s “moveable zone” if it’s seeing you. So, when I’m near the “ennemy” he starts following me. If I go out of his “moveable zone” the ennemy is going back to it’s orignial location well. The problem is if the ennemy is reaching me. If he reaches me and then I go out of the moveabe zone, the AI just satys at the end of his moveable zone and is not going back to it’s original location… And I would like that if you get out of the moveable zone of the ennemy, he just goes back to his original location.

Could someone help me please ? :slight_smile:

I assume “Location” is the home location for your AI. Could you explain to me why you do the “Get Random Reachable Point In Radius” rather tha just set the AI to move back to Location?

Additionally, could you set up a print statement right after your “Moving TO the player” 's “AI MoveTo”? To see if On Success is constantly firing after the AI reaches the player, or if it fails as expected.