How to make an AI fire

I m new here and i live in France, so excuse me if i don t respect the Forum’s rules or if my english isn’t as good as it must be.

My problem:
I was trying to make and AI for a FPS (don t know if it changes something) game, with my team. I ve watched severals tutorials, which show( yeah show and not explain) us how to make an AI, a basic one ,who walk and chase the player. So i m trying to improve this AI, by making him shooting the player when he/it is chasing him, but nothing works. Here is my “work”: Behaviour tree, fire player, the “projectile”(bullet) is the same as the player projectile, that’s why i don t screen him.

I hope that i explained my problemcorrectly and taht you will help me. Thanks!

If you have a firing mechanism for a player, just paste it over to the AI character blueprint and instead of it being triggered by a mouse button have it start by something like the AI seeing an enemy. Then you just need to get the direction of the projectile being fired (you can do that with a “find look at rotation” node with self actor location as start and target actor location as end) and spawn the projectile.

I did blueprint tutorial which can be read here First Enemy – Behavior Tree / Shooting at Player | Shooter Tutorial

ShooterTutorial got couple of AI tutorials as well. I will be doing more advanced stuff in next environment type.