How to make an actor turn smoothly - to camera roation

Hi i’m trying to make a actor slowly gravitate to the camera rotation. I was using a script like this:


How this is really jerky in one direction.

Any idea how I could make this smooth?


I don’t know if you’re familiar with C++, but the spring arm has the ability to ‘lag rotation’, which is pretty much the same problem.

Short version: I’d suggest using the “RInterp To” node.

Long version: you’ll want to involve DeltaTime in your calculation so the lerp is affected by your framerate. Under the hood, the InterpTo node is just lerping with an alpha of DeltaTime * Interp Speed. You can play with the speed to adjust the smoothness and amount of lag.

Additionally, something to consider: since you’re tossing the other elements of the lerp, you could just lerp the yaw value alone. This would be a slightly more complicated blueprint graph, but would save you two multiplications (for pitch and yaw) that you’re discarding.

It’s generally this:

Hint: you need much larger speed values for Constant.