How to make an actor to look at the mouse cursor?

basically, I want the same controller as Hotline Miami ( Hotline Miami gameplay - YouTube )
no problem to get the player moving, but now I want him to look always at the mouse cursor and I can’t figure out how :confused:
I come from Unity where we had a simple “LookAt” node (Uscript addon), so now I’m a bit lost. Is there something like this in UE4 ?
thanks for your help !

Hi @Sparrox.
This is how you rotate the character to look at the cursor on a Top-Down environment.
For more directions just unplug those wires on GetActorRotation and plug those on the FindLookAtRotation.


That’s perfect, thanks !

My one doesn’t seem to work, it just lock at my zombies and doesn’t move at all :confused:

Is it normal for the mest to become ghosty?

Works perfectly for me! thanks a lot!

This works nicely. Does anyone know why the camera jumps slightly when moving the mouse from one side of the character to another (effectively making him do a full 180 turn)? Any suggestions on how to smooth that out?