How to make an Actor react to particles?


so I created a flamethrower with the particle system. Now I’d like to react an actor to the flames. Or more simply said, the actor should burn as soon as he is caught by the flamethrower.

I am lost here… since days.

You guys have an idea, how I can realize that?

My dummy actor has a StaticMesh and a Capsule Collider, and in the Event Graph I added a “On Particle Collide” Node so far.

But I have no idea how to make the actor detect that he was hit by the flames.

Any ideas would be very helpful.

I would make a cone or cylinder that is about the same shape as your particle system. Turn off the setting of “visible” and have things react to that instead of the particles themselves.

OnBeginOverlap do your character burning stuff OnEndOverlap stop some character burning stuff

make sure the collision settings are correct and that overlap events is ticked true

Adding to this …

On collision with burnable actor you need to do a sphere trace from the flame throwers muzzle to the overlapped actor. if it hits the actor, burn it. Otherwise don’t. This prevents flame through walls/floors.