How to make an Actor follow a road?

I would like to create a road using the spline tool and then setup an actor to follow that road. I need some help getting started here

  1. How can I create a path description from the spline that can be used by some path following AI? I will need a better resolution than just the spline control points e.g. in curves, is that possible?

  2. What are the API classes/components that I have to use that generated path for an actor to follow it?


Do you really need that Actor to be AI? Maybe you should consider using Matinee?

Well, I actually want the player (first-person) to follow the road. But actually, Matinee might be a solution in my specific case, I’ll have a look at that. Would still be interested if there are classes etc already in place for something like this.

Now I’m completely confused :slight_smile: and need some advice. I have to uses for that path following logic. My game is some sort of road racing in a first person perspective where

  1. The player will ride along the road, but won’t steer and just control the velocity.
  2. (Later on) competitors will participate in the race, of course have to follow the road as well and do collision avoidance (with the player still not steering).

Would I better start off using Matinee or implement (or hopefully reuse existing) some path AI using Blueprint/C++?