How to make an actor fly in the direction opposite to the mouse cursor being dragged.


I’m trying my best to learn UE4, but I got stuck at this problem.

I’m trying to create a simple action using blueprints which sends the ball flying opposite to the direction of mouse dragged + applying force based on how far you dragged it.

This is what I’ve got so far that yielded me no results:

The ball doesn’t move. However if I change Left Mouse Button Event to separate “EventActorOnClicked” and “EventActorOnReleased” sometimes by moving mouse all over the ball and dragging it would launch it horizontally in random direction at random speed.

Exploring the engine is fun, but because I’m new to this it’s quite frustrating not understanding what I’m doing wrong.

Hi man,
Break it down in smaller tricks.

Use draw debug sphere and check you are able to define where the touch start and end.

Beside you can also use the mouse position on the screen without check it in the viewport
here you can see how get the mouse position of the player