How to make AI to avoid enemy cones of sights while moving.

Imagine that you don’t want to create your own version of move to. I’m thinking about navareas but it works only like meshes but AI sight sense in UE4 is always raycasts. And there goes all EQS and Nav utility.

The cutting of navarea mesh is not good decision for crowdy levels.

P.S. Hey @Rama I guess you’re the only one who knows the appropriate solution)

You can check path for visibility in one way or another, but how ask navigation system to rebuild the path discarding unsuitable paths.

Alright , there is one solution that looks like something. I’m creating cone of sight (procedural mesh) that can be setup to block pawn which leads to recalculate AI path. It would be perfect if I find the way to set navarea to the collision of procedural mesh.