How to make AI shoot character?

My AI shoots me ,but when I move to a height so it just shoot in same direction.

It looks like this.

The guy standing on stairs is player and the guy standing at bottom is AI with red traces or lines.
The AI is not shooting at the player he is shooting projectiles straight to the ground.

This is the AI controller blueprint.

So somebody please help fix the blueprint if it is wrong.
Suggest a way for make my AI shoot character.

The reason he can’t shoot you up there is because you’re getting the forward vector to shoot,. If hes not rotated up then he can’t shoot you. What you want to do instead is find the vector pointed at your player. To do that, get the enemy’s location,. And then the players location > find look at rotation > get forward vector

Means I can’t understand.

Actually I am a beginner so please tell me in detail.

My problem is fixed I just have to change forward vector to get right vector.