How to make AI pause on a random destination

I’ve recently remade an hostile AI which it wanders around and follows the player when in sight. Everything works ok, but what really unsatisfies me is that the AI kinda freaks out when is thinking for a new random destination, and also when it succesfully catches the player, it won’t go back to roaming around the place anymore if the players is out of sight.

Where do I have to add a delay node so it will pause at it’s current destination and with what, also how can I make it go back to randomly roaming around after it catches the player and lost it’s sight?

Just to make it clear, I searched everywhere and I couldn’t find any solution for this.

How are you setting “In Range” back to false? How are you debugging this?

I shouldn’t have removed the other AI character when I had the wall climb problem. Now I can’t remember how did I manage to make it go back to roaming around after it succesfully. I completely forgot what nodes did I put in the blueprint.

If you were talking about this way, I’m telling you that it did not work

Ok, now I remember what I did to make ai restart it’s roaming around after catches player

I shall now keep the AI in the project and not remove it anymore. Topic now solved (what’s wrong with my brain?..)