How to make ai move smoothly/constantly from point to point

Hi guys,I have this game contains a NPC ai which will move from point to point, the points are stored in a TArray.

I use a “for each loop” to iterate the points and a “Ai move to” to move the NPC, this move logic works well.

But the problem is when the NPC arrives the current target point, it will stuck/pause/stop the walking animation for a very short time then start to move again.

I guess that’s because in the loop all the “Ai move to” are separate , they are not a continuous move, so that every time NPC hit a point then it will stop.

But I can’t figure a way to replace the current way to accomplish this “move with points “.

Let me know is you don’t get my question…

Any help will be appreciated!!!

Do you have acceptable radius set?
Do you have smooth animations set in the AnimBlueprint?

Also, you can change the acceleration of the Character’s movement component to make a smoother look from stop to start.

Thanks mate, i have salved this problem!
I got my smooth animations set in the AnimBlueprint , i think the key is to make a timer by handle to execute the “ai move to” task by time step, and the key is set the target location right after the “ai move to” node (not on success), by this i can constantly set the target location in a “ai move to” task so that i can have a continues movement…
Anyway, appreciate your help!