How to make AI move like player character?

So I was working on a Beat Em Up example and I’m just now getting around to AI. I tweaked the player movement to where it simulates some of the classic BEU(s) of yesteryear, the player instantly turns left and right, and when he walks up and down he essentially strafes while having the walking animation.

I watched and worked a few AI tutorials, and have a few NPCs approach the player, but they do not walk like the player character and just as default, hence not the beat em up style. How can I alter the AI walk / movement like I did my player to achieve same result? Thanks.

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The Character Controller component that’s added to the Character pawn is what moves the character around, assuming you use that part of the Engine.

You will have to either subclass the CharacterMovementComponent and find a way to make it give the kinds of controls you need to the character/animation/simulation, or you will have to build a new Pawn subclass with your own movement controller component, and not use Character. You can still use animation blueprints and skinned mesh components but you will have to re-implement anything that comes out of the “character” bit.

I’m going to need more help on this one, and thanks for your reply. So essentially you are saying I will need to make my own character movement component or modify the one that is there?

Any tutorials or video links of doing such a thing or close to it?

I’m still very new to AI mechanisms, I followed a few tutorials, it is like stuff on the AI player BP is not contributing to the players movements on screen.

Now I’m just starting to do it, but it can be useful. Thanks!