How to make AI humanoid character make wider turns while moving (similar to vehicle steering)?


I’m not a programmer and pretty new to UE4, but I’m learning blueprint and hope to find a not-too-complicated way to achieve this: I’m working on a thing where I need AI characters to move at a certain speed, and when they turn, they should not just make a sharp turn, but should instead rotate at a slower rate towards the target while still moving. An extreme example would be moving from point A to point B and then back to point A. When it gets to point B, it should not just turn around quickly, but should keep moving while adjusting its rotation at a lower rate back to facing point A:

So this is like a person skating or riding a bicycle, or like vehicle steering. I don’t want to use vehicle movement because it seems like vehicle doesn’t work with the default MoveTo in Behavior Tree with NevMesh pathfinding, so I would need to build my own pathfinding with throttle and steering which seems too complicated for me, plus I still need a humanoid character performing various animation so I’m not sure how the vehicle blueprint would work with humanoid animation.

PS: I’ve tried turned off “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” and in CharacterMovement’s Rotation Settings putting a small rotation rate around Z axis, but this would not do it, as it only slowdown the mesh rotation, but the path the character follows is still a sharp path, making it look even weirder (the character would move backwards while slowly rotating).

Help would be appreciated!