How To Make AI Cubes Climb Over One Another?

Hi all,

I’ve just set-up the AI for some cubes to follow the player character and so far it’s working great. However, I would like the cubes to climb over one another in an attempt to reach the player. Is there some kind of physics setting that will allow them to do this? Or will I need to look into ray casting for each cube and work it out from there?
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

There is no ready to use functions like that. So I can advise you to use overlapping events as a basis.

When overlapping event occurs, check if it is cube brother, find the distance of each to character. Then choose the farest to fire climb function.

Haha funny mechanic)

I’ve created very simple function, but still you got a nice idea)

Thanks for the reply! I’ll certainly give it a go when I get home later this evening. I had hoped it would be a simple case of simulating physics and giving each cube the right physical material and then, with enough speed, they would be able to “bundle” together/fall over and climb one another, similar to World War Z.
Is there any way to make the player traverse over the cubes with ease as well (as if they were running on a normal floor)? At the moment they simply ‘hover’ over the enemy cubes until they can land on a normal surface.

Check the max step height, and can character step up on properties on your AI… I think you can get this working ‘out of the box’ using those in concert with one another.

I believe that did the trick - thank you very much! Now I need to work out how to make the cubes actually frantically try to climb over the others in their way (as at the moment they just stop at the back and refuse to go anywhere).