How to make a widget display a variable

You can bind variables to the text of a widget for example. You can either tell to which variable your value should be bound or you are able to create a binding if you do not have something which fits your needs.

With this binding the value inside of the widget will always be the same like this value of the variable itself.

Hi everyone!
I’m a big beginner with unreal engine, to be honest I can barely understand what I do when following tutorials. It’s hard for me but i’m not giving up.

Here’s my problem: I’m just trying to display a widget with a text written in it, the text displaying a variable “money”
I had no problem making the widget appear when I want and displaying some text, but I can’t get the text to show the value of my variable “money”. I tried to get the variable, transform it to a text, and give it to my text box, but it just won’t work.

I’ve seen similar problems on the forum, but I don’t understand most of the answers since they are quite specific. I need something more general.

What would you do if you had to display a variable in a widget?

Thanks for the answers, sorry for bothering you !