How to make a wet wall ?

hey members, had a great day?

So I’m playing around with the unreal engine 4 for weeks now and its 100% my favorite game engine.

Now I started a new project and I want to create a horror game. I created the floor and the walls.
I used a material with normal and specular map for the wall which looks like this:

Looks nice huh:D? Is it possible to make the wall wet? Like this:

would’nt it look awesome for a horror game?
I’d appreciate any advise for making a horror game look spooky and atmospheric thanks for taking your time to help me out, have a good day:).

What you need to do is make a roughness map for the material that is basically just stains, and plug that into the roughness slot.

Thanks, I’m gonna try it out later, but thank you very much!
I always wondered what the specular map does hah thanks :wink:

how do I make a roughness map for the stains?
here’s the texture (and other awesome textures!)…-seamless.html [HR][/HR]

This Naughty Dog doc has a great note about making wet PBR materials.

Typically there’s 4 states that wet surfaces are a mix of.


Darkened and saturated albedo but no big changes to roughness.

Wet looking glossy surface with the original surface normals

Wet to the point where you change the surface normals like it’s starting to puddle onto of the surface.

I’ve seen other PBR docs with similar approaches and a bit more math behind it. Typically these materials get a porosity value that fakes how much the material absorbs water and darkens.