How to make a Weapon Inventory


I hadn’t so much success in my last post:

So at this point i’m gonna ask you how to create a Weapon inventory for a Player in the game.

Let’s pretend we want to implement these weapons:

So, I’d like to realize a system for EVERY PLAYER: everyone is gonna have his own weapons (once the player picks them up).

Every weapon has its own characteristics, such as:
-Name (e.g. “Minigun”)
-Damage (e.g. 5 per hit)
-Fire Rate (e.g. 2 seconds of delay between a shot to another)

Also, any weapon has its own PrimaryFire Animation, SecondaryFire Animation.

In “pure” C++ I made this “simply” creating a linked-list.
But in Unreal Engine, C++ is very dirty.

So I’m gonna do this with BluePrints.

Any help?

Anyone? Dudes…

To create an inventory of weapons in blueprints you can create a base weapon class and derive weapon blueprints from it e.g. pistol blueprint will be a child blueprint from parent base weapon. To create an inventory of weapons, create an array of base weapon where you want your inventory to be stored.
This link should be helpful
I hope this helps

I did tutorial about inventory for weapons - which is in GameInstance (main menu classes need those informations in my case)