How to make a wallrun?

I have a question. I’m making a fanmade flash game but I don’t know how to make wallrun that he can go everyway like left right up down. Any solutions?

Without seeing it, I would suggest detecting when the player is allowed to wallrun, then however you control starting the wallrun, set a flag. Using that flag, you can have the player “stick” to the wall, ignore gravity, whatever you need. When you reset the flag, it will go back to how it was before.

I can offer more detail or suggestions if you post a screenshot showing what you’re trying to achieve, as there’s many way to do this depending on how your game is designed. I’m in the middle of a 3D platformer and we do something similar for climbing. We ignore gravity and play the wall animations when the flag is set, and the player snaps to the wall

i mean like this. That he automatically walks on walls like on the floor.

Okay, sticking to the wall is easy. Here’s the way we’re doing it

Simply have a Sphere or Line Trace check for the wall object, with a TraceChannel. If it finds a hit then you need to set a “canWallWalk” flag and cache the “ImpactPoint”

Then when the player presses a button (or however you change) if the “canWallWalk” flag is set, it will call a “wallwalk” function/event. That event will only happen the one time, and it’s where you need to rotate the player, disable gravity, and set a “isWallWalk” flag. In your situation I would also have a new Tracer on the feet so you know if they stop walking on a wall and can revert them back.

If they press a button and the “isWallWalk” is true, they want to stop. Also, if the feet Tracer doesn’t find anything then you can make them stop. Either way, call a “stopwallwalk” event/function. In this one you will rotate the player back to normal, enable gravity, and set both “canWallWalk” and “isWallWalk” to false.

Here’s a quick example

With the “isWallRunning” flag, you can check that in animations if you need to.

To avoid weird angles and glitches, we use the ImpactPoint to snap the player to the hit location, but in your case you might want to handle it differently

In the Stop/Start wallrun is where you want to rotate the player accordingly, disable/enable gravity, and do anything else you need to do

In which blueprint did you make the example

Are you still giving help on this if so please help me i am looking to do the same thing but don’t fully understand what you have done in your blueprint