How to make a voxel based open world game?

I want to make a game that has randomly generated terrain and part predesigned areas that can all be destructible just like 7 days to die or minecraft although i would want to smooth the terrain like in 7dtd eventuallyThe terrain is procedurally generated yet there are predesigned towns and farms, cities and what not. Everything in the game is snapped to a grid per voxel so say you place a bed it would take up the space of two voxels in length. Also there are biomes like minecraft and I want to my game to be like that too. If anyone can help me with this that’s be great as I have no idea where to even start.

Google keywords for you: Marching Cubes, C/C++, Voxel volumes. dual contouring, Procedural generation, StaticMesh…

Making game like this is very complicated project but is not impossible.

Raising this from the dead, I know, but for anyone finding this later, Voxel Plugin (Pro) is a great start, just search it in the marketplace. There’s also some other Voxel Plugins.

Obviously each of those specific functions will have to be tackled individually, but people have done these things with voxel plugin pro pretty well.