How to make a turntable of my whole level?

I am trying to make a turntable for my whole level, but can’t figure out how. All my objects in my scene are separate objects, but I want them all to spin around as a turnaround simultaneously. How do I do that?
I am completely new to UE and don’t really understand how animation works, so any response would be appreciated!

Hi! Is not easier to turn the camera around instead turning all the universe? :slight_smile:

Thats what I tried at first, but for some reason the camera jumps all over the place when I change the rotation values in the sequencer. I have set the pivot point of the camera to the center of my scene so I can rotate the camera around, but it just jumps around to random places

Try this:

put any object in the center of the scene (0,0,0) a cube works…make it movable. Parent the camera to the cube. Make the cube hidden in game and not visible. rotate the cube. Done.

EDIT: don’t use a cube…use a pivot transform gizmo instead.
Its specifically designed for that ( compose / modify pivots )


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Thank you for the tip, but I can’t find pivot transform gizmo. Am I searching in the wrong place? I’m searching in “all actors class”.

ummm…somehow is not in UE5…
well…use just any actor ( a cube works ) and hide it :slight_smile:

basically yo need an anchor at 0,0,0…you can even make an empty actor, place in the origin, parent the camera to it and you’re set

Alright, thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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glad to help. Let me know if you succeed :slight_smile:

Yeah that didn’t work either… I managed to parent the camera to the cube and it looks correct when i rotate in the viewport, but when I try to animate it in the sequencer it jumps all over the place again. Its like the cube’s pivot changes from the viewport to the sequencer.
Its not super-important I make this though, so I’ll be fine if I can’t figure it out. Thank you fot the help though!