How to make a tornado blueprint

Let’s say I have a tornado VFX. How do I make it spin and break things and get them up in the air?

Maybe start with a Gravity Point Gun:UE4 tutorial: point gravity actor - YouTube

Then vortex like particle effects to sell the effect:…20gwN&index=98

Its going to be heaps of work to get this looking right depending on the rest of the level.
You need the tornado visuals, plus you need some pretty slick physics on rigid bodies…

Is this for the Nazi project etc? (I posted a reply in the other thread btw)

So the way I did my tornado BP was to set like 10 SceneComponents on the root of the blueprint a tornado distance from the middle, smaller at the bottom larger at the top…Spin the Blueprint thus the SceneComponents…Set a Large Collision Capsule to overlap with actors that you want to interact with the Tornado…When the Capsule in the Tornado hits an actor either destroy the thing by sending an event to destroy itself or damage event (however you handle your destructibles) or send a Event to the Enemy to pull itself and attach to a random SceneComponent…it’ll spin until you tell it not to…

It’d be interesting to see that in action if you’ve got a Youtube clip… :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks. Not, it’s for another - I will post the details in WIP once it will become somewhat playable