How to make a tire stop spinning?

Hey all,

I’ve recently started working on a small driving game.
I used Epic’s VehicleGame demo as a basis & added my own components on top of it.

I’m trying to develop a mechanism that would allow me to make a certain tire stop spinning/lock; meaning that, for a certain amount of time - ‘locked’ wheels will not spin at all.
‘Locked’ wheels would ideally sorta ‘skid’, till they get unlocked & rejoin the spinning of the other, ‘unlocked’ wheels.

I tried attacking this from multiple angles, but it seems that all tire-related entities can’t quite be changed during runtime (e.g., VehicleWheel, or even the TireConfig entity).
Can this even be achieved?

I noticed that the rear wheels freeze in place when the Handbrake input is fired, which is kind of what I’m looking for, so I thought I can use this mechanism somehow to create the behavior I’m looking for, but haven’t managed to do that. I assume that this behavior is part of the VehicleMovement component, but I may be wrong.

Any ideas / other approaches I should look into?
I wish to solve this via BPs only, if possible, but if I must use C++ - so be it.

Thanks (:

I was able to make the wheels stop spinning by setting the Wheel’s Damping Rate to 100000.0.
Problem is - I can’t touch this value via BPs, or change it programmatically in any way.

I thought I might try to add 4 additional wheels to my vehicle’s VehicleMovement component (4 ‘default’ wheels + 4 ‘locked’ wheels), then swap between them according to my logic…
But there’s very little I can do w/ those Wheel entities.

I thought I might rewrite / add to the VehicleWheel C++ class, or at least expose the Wheel’s Damping Rate so it can be changed via BP, but I’m guessing it’s not currently exposed for a good reason…
Does anyone know anything about this?
I’ll install VS in the meanwhile & create a copy of my project, in case no one knows - I’d hate to break the whole thing just for this.