How to make a tiny character for a normal sized world

I would like to have a normal scale world with a tiny character inside it (3 cm high).

I’ve come across some problems.

  1. If I scale the character, the character does not fit correctly onto the ground, so there’s a limitation with how small I can make the character.
  2. If I scale the world up, then none of the lighting really works correctly and I start to hit limits on the property values.

I suppose my question is, what’s the approach to make a super small character inside a human sized world…

for 1 : i think it s a problem regarding the capsule collision component. can you put a screenshot for that?
but overall : i think that you should scale both .
like scale the “real size” world to 2 and your characterdown to what you want. it might help you to stay in a comfortable scale for all assets

  • Make the character human size to ensure all of Unreal Engine’s pieces still work nicely. Cable actors, cameras etc.
  • As for lighting. Ignore the maximum scale in the slider. Seemingly you can just pump that bad boy up to huge intensity scales. 20000 for example :slight_smile:
  • As for any other light scaling, there is a scale in the world settings called Static Lighting Level Scale. Check out this vid for more info: Lighting with Unreal Engine Masterclass | Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017 | Unreal Engine - YouTube