How to make a timeline to wait for a certain amount of time every frame?

Hi everyone,

I’ve made an animation in Timeline which loops at interval of 10 seconds (blueprint is bellow).
The output of this timeline is then used to control the lights intensity and to simulate flickering of the light.
I have a problem when I want to render out a Movie from the Sequencer with Delay every frame set to 1.0s . The lights keep flickering and the intensity is changing in the meantime.
So the question is how to stop the Timeline or Event from being played for the amount I set in Delay every frame?
I need it to move one frame (1/50th of the seconds for 50fps) every n seconds I put in this field…

I tried the Delay and Task wait delay nodes, but couldn’t make them work.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

What about taking that timeline pattern you have there and putting it in a track in the sequencer?

Hey ClockworkOcean, I was thinking of doing that, but then I want to be able to use and reuse this BP in all further levels and projects… Just for this project I have 20 more levels that need to reuse this particular animation plus 3 more lights with different animations…

Ok, se eventually I went with your solution. It works flawlessly, but for the sake of further projects I would really love to know how can I pause the events when I have Delay frame option ticked.