How to make a telephone-sounding EQ?

I know about how to use sound classes, cues, and mixes, so please don’t bother with that information. What I’m asking is this: What would be a good example of a sound mix’s EQ settings to create a telephone-like effect? I have zero idea how to use a non-graphic equalizer, let alone a tri-band one :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for the reply! I’m looking for help with the specific EQ settings. Which values I’d pop in here to get the effect I’m looking for:

I’m going crazy with trial and error and not quite finding the right sound.

So what’s your question? The technique used in reproducing the sound or the blueprint on how to implement that?

So you’ve got low/medium/high frequencies. By design telephones were designed to carry over human voice, which is medium frequencies. I’d recommend starting to zero the high and lows and play with the frequencies cutoffs values.

Google image is your friend for finding examples “phone sound eq settings” or something

e.g. try around these values

Hey guys, if you’re developing on PC, I’d upgrade to 4.11 if you can since I reworked the EQ effect to 1) be more accurate as to what the actual Xaudio2 effect we’re using and 2) allow you to edit the EQ while the game is running to better tune the effect.

It’s turns out that we’re actually using a 4-band effect internally, not a 3-band. The 4th band was previously hard-coded to a high frequency value so it was hard (impossible) to actually do a low-pass or band-pass EQ effect.

As for your specific question about how to do a telephone effect – is correct. You want to create a band-pass type filter (i.e. filter out low and high frequencies) that center around 6k, which is where most phones put their BP filter since that’s about where the human voice spectrum sits.

This was what I was doing before but was never able to get the desired effect. Moving the project to 4.11 was like magic. Suddenly it just worked. Being able to tweak it live also didn’t hurt! Thank you both. My effect sounds great!

Here’s a screencap of my setup. It sounds awful, just like a telephone should.