how to make a system of round the world ?

Hello everyone, I want to know if you have any way to make a system that has an effect on "Around the World " .

example image below.

whenever I’m in a certain location , and get to your limit I can have the effect that I am going around the globe

Is there a way to do this

I think you mean edge scrolling? When the mouse is near an edge of the screen, the world would rotate in the opposite direction?

If so, a super simple way to do this would be to have invisibile rectangles on the UI that, when highlighted, rotate the world in the corresponding direction.

what I mean is that type. If you are at the end of the quadrant 5 your character will be entering the quadrant 6

or rather , I think if you take a quadrant of the plane 6 and go to the end of the quadrant 5 when you get there is the beginning of the quadrant 6 again giving impreção rotation world

how to do this would

Oh I see now, sadly I’m not sure how that could be achieved with landscapes and cameras. IIRC, Civilzation 4 or 5 did this but the world also wrapped into a sphere when zoomed out - at least I think it was civ :\

oh yes ^^ tnk for attention

Im not sure if you can do this in UE4 without some sort of world portal.

This might be of interest, but its still early days…
Unity offers more options at the moment in this area…