How to make a Structure invisible after a time (with graph)?

Hello guys!

I Work on a wall which switch between state, being visible / not being visible.

Tried with “SetVisibility” from “MyStaticMesh” but doesnt work on my server (works on the devkit environment test)…? Any idea?

I linked after a BeginPlay, with a Delay and a Switch Has Authority.

It sounds like an issue with this not replicating to the clients. I don’t know why, but sometimes I’ve had success with a custom event over plain authority. So I’d run from Authority’s Remote to a custom event that hides the mesh. You could give that a shot.

Ok, will take a try. Think too about a replicating issue but didnt thought about a custom event to try to solve it. Will test and feedback it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Rep notifies work very well for dynamically changing stuff like mesh’s, materials and visibility

Works fine now, thx :slight_smile: