How to make a stationary Interactive window with advanced renderings

Really new at UE4 but I was trying to make a nice stationary HUD window during gameplay that showed an incoming audio stream the user could interact with. I created a Niagara System that displays the waveform perfectly. I then used Niagara UI Renderer plugin to get my object into a widget but to do that you have to turn off GPUsim and once I do that the waveform gets all garbled, probably because it can’t keep up (even outside the plugin). Is there another way to make an interactive floating window that stays in front of the user like this? (UE4-27)

So I found this link which is exactly what I am trying:

So I just added my Niagara system under the camera and it tracks like a HUD. I guess I can add buttons and a frame around the area it shows up to mimic it in a window. Maybe there is a better way to do this.