How to make a Static Mesh able to shoot through?

I have windows for these open parts of the structure Capture.JPG but I’m trying to figure out how i can still shoot through but not able to walk through it. I could put on a collision on it but if i do than i can’t shoot through it. but if i don’t put a collision on than people can jump through it. is there a way to make it so i can shoot through it but it’s not capable to go through it with your character? If it helps I’m using the shooter example. I’m also going to *** it to my barricades as well. so people can school though it to attack the enemy and they can shoot back but so no one tries to do any exploits like jumping out the side of the back ramp way into the building or out of the map areas and make it feel like a holographic window. Something from Games like Star Wars Battlefront or Halo for example.

In the settings of your static mesh you choose “block pawn” and disable all other blocking types -> now you are probably abel to shoot through the mesh

Is that under the Details > Collision > Collision Presets? Because i saw stuff like Pawn and IgnoreOnlyPawn and OverlapOnlyPawn in it. Is the the Pawn one im guessing? I tried it but it still collided with the project tiles. ill try again, maybe i need to rebuild or something

You can set this up two ways. You can do this per mesh in the details panel once you have the object placed or you can open the mesh in the viewer/editor by double-clicking it in the content browser and set up collision types that will happen with all instances of this mesh.

If you want to be able to shoot through only and block everything else you will need to set the collision type to custom > put a check box by Projectile for ignore. Everything else should be left to block all.

This should give you the result you’re looking for. If you’re still having issues feel free to ask! :slight_smile:

How would you go about having the projectile passing through the object, leaving a decal, lowering the projectile’s force, and possibly also changing trajectory of the projectile?

I’m going to use the first person template as an example since that is readily available and it can be seen by anyone who has the engine. If you’re using a custom projectile some of this may or may not apply.

Force: You’ll need to change how much impulse the projectile is delivering on impact. Open the Projectile BP and you can change the impulse that is delivered on impact by changing the value from 100 to something lower.

Velocity: You can set the speed the projectile moves in the Projectile components tab by selecting Projectile.

trajectory: In this same tab you can set the gravity scale that will impact the arch your projectile moves.

There are a lot of adjustments you can make in this tab that will allow you to directly affect how your projectile moves.

**Decals: ** You can generate a spawn decal at location node based on an overlap event.

Collision: to make your projectile pass through an object you do not need to adjust anything in the projectile, but you can adjust collision events for the mesh you want to have it pass through by setting collision to custom > ignore checkbox is ticked for the projectile. - If you want your projectile to pass through everything you can set this in the collision presets for the projectile itself.

I hope this helps.

How would you go about having the projectile passing through the object, leaving a decal, lowering the projectile’s force, and possibly also changing trajectory of the projectile?

I’m guessing you are trying to make it like some FPS games like Call of Duty where when you are shooting through a thin object, static mesh, you want the bullet, projectile, to lose velocity and accuracy over time, if I’m correct?

Yes, I should probably explain myself better next time. Thanks for clarifying.

I think for some reason my material is making it solid still. Like i did what you said, changed it to custom and only ignored Projectile but i want to see the material so i put the default glass shader on and it still blacks the projectiles.

Can you post a screen shot of you collision for your mesh and for the projectile? This will help more without some guess work.

Thank you!

oh which folder do i find the projectiles for the weapons, i here is a picture but not sure if it’s the right one for what you need me to find.

and here is the detail folder for the static mesh window for collision. it’s set to ignore projectile.

It depens on which sample your are using -> e.g in the fps bp sample you can find it in the blueprints folder (MyProjectile)

I looked and couldn’t find a folder BP called MyProjectile in the Shooting Example anywhere

still having trouble with this.