How to make a standalone version of my project?

Hi, i’m using unreal engine for architectural purposes i made a project and wanted to send it to the client so he can walk inside it and see the design but the problem is that the project works fine on my pc but when i copy it to another pc’s it doesn’t work.
yes i did say shipping instead of development and i tried packaging from both editor and launcher same error and the error says {failed to open descriptor file ‘…/…/…/MyProject_01/MyProject_01.uproject’}.

Note that the other pc’s don’t have unreal engine installed.

problem solved strangely enough but the first publish i did was to a local server that connect my 2 pc’s and i was trying to open it from the server without coping it to the other pc but with the next try i copied the file the the other pc and didn’t just open it from the server and that solved the problem don’t know why exactly but all is good now.

thx anyway :smiley: