How to make a Spring-Arm Camera for Multiplayer?

I’m currently trying to make a 3rd person (spring arm) camera for multiplayer - when the player dies, he can spectate other players through their spring-arm cameras.

The only problem is that “use pawn control rotation” with inherited XYZ only works on the server, the clients do not see any rotation. I guess this is because the clients do not get information of the controllers of other players. So now I’m kind of stuck, because even if I want to rotate the spring arm in a tick event from the client based on the current rotation of the pawn actor rotation it is based on, it doesn’t move correctly or at all. I’ve got it to move in reverse (player looks left, camera moves right) sometimes, but even then the rotation speed is off.

How do I make a spring-arm camera rotate with the pawn for multiplayer (client sees rotation of other client cameras correctly)?

Okay, I’ve found the mistake. I was supposed to use relative rotation, not world rotation. When I set relative rotation to the rotation of the actor, it works.